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Services Offered


  • Prepare an analysis of Sale/Lease back structuring
  • Lessee/Tenant representation in contract negotiations
  • Mass marketing of Lessor's property in target market areas

Financial Assistance

  • Review current loan structure, acquisitions or exchange properties
  • Provide an analysis of an Investor portfolio and current tax structures
  • Sale/Lease back analysis or a Sell/Hold analysis
  • Tax appeals

Site selection/analysis

  • Providing a general review of property by defining the following terms:
  • Location, size, zoning, price, access, visibility, all utilities included, any improvements on site, topography, and traffic counts when appropriate

Market analysis

  • Opinion of value/Comprehensive Market Analysis (CMA) establishes a range of value, provides comparable rents and lease study terms, prepares a replacement cost and income survey, describes current market trends, includes a demographic study, and creates a timeline for the sale of the property.

Build-to-Suit Assistance

  • Addressing architectural, design, construction and financing requirements.

Property Development

  • Participation from beginning to end - expertise from planners, financial analysts, attorneys, and commercial and residential sales specialists.
  • Experience in the development of commercial and residential properties, including retail, office, multi-family, industrial, mixed-use, and public-sector developments.

Cost Analysis

  • A review of expansion alternatives and the cost involved with the new construction, renovation, demolition, and fees involved in each.

Contract Negotiations

  • Within Scope of License Law: provide an opinion of value, document review to prepare for attorney, Due Diligence coordination, conduct a pre-contract property analysis, reduce all offers to professionally written form, track progress of closing by keeping all parties informed, contingency removal, and act as a mediator through General Counsel.

City Approvals

  • Presentations to city officials
  • Rezoning issues

Environmental Surveys

  • Contract with our affiliated company to provide an environmental assessment if the property warrants concern.

Architecture and Engineering

  • Contract with our affiliated companies to fulfill your architectural planning, land development and surveying needs.
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